Oakland County Earth Science Club
Photo Gallery
Geodes from Morocco with Quartz Crystals
Calcite (dogtooth crystals) from Santa Eulalia, Mexico
Epidote with quartz from Sichuan, China
Pyrite with quarts, hematite, sphalerite from Peru
Quartz from Australia
Petrified wood, Marion, Alabama from Rives / West
Petrified wood from Wyoming, West
Wire wrapped bracelet from one of our club members
Wire wrapped bracelet, silver and turquoise necklace, and silver ring done by one of our members
Mystery rock
Recent Cranbrook Trip
A Mixture of Club Photos
Below are several photos of samples from our members collections, and club related events.  For big groups of photos check out our club photo album by clicking on the links above.
Other Club Photos
Recent Rockhounding Trip
Here are some examples from the 2011 beading class "Beading with Cabochons"  The Saturday class has resulted in some great pendants!

Here are some photos from the 2012 beading class "Beading with Cabochons"
These will be updated as some of the projects finish up.
Setting Up the Display at the Rochester Hills Library
A Great Presentation