Oakland County Earth Science Club
Grinding Room
The grinding room is used by club members to do lapidary work, shaping semi precious gems into cabochons suitable for jewelry. In addition, once a year classes are held on silver smithing.

Class schedules are being developed.  Contact the club for more information.

Otherwise, use of the room is limited to club members
The club maintains 4 flat lap grinders
Three Genie grinders are available for use
This is just one of our slab saws (one of the smaller ones)
Lapidary work can be a fun and rewarding hobby where you can let your creativity free and make some pieces that you will be proud of.  It is not difficult at all and there is always an instructor or club member available to guide and encourage you.  Materials are inexpensive and use of the grinding room is only a nominal fee (for the Parks and Recreation building and supplies) once you are a member.
A piece of slab stock (Picture Jasper) before trimming, grinding, and polishing.
Here is a silver setting coated in Borax ready for one last silver soldering to finish securing the chain loop
Above is a finished piece
See the steps to making a cabochon